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Invivo Escort 3 Lead EKG - Refurbished

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Invivo M12 with 3 lead EKG, SPO2, NIBP

The M12 Vital Signs Monitor is a comprehensive patient monitoring system with six traces compiling, processing, analyzing and displaying patient data from up to nine patient parameters. The information that this monitor is capable of supplying to the physician may be used as an aid in the determination of a diagnosis concerning the condition of a patient. This monitor has been designed to perform to specification in operating rooms, recovery rooms, emergency rooms, critical care arenas and/or any other place/situation where observation of the stability of a patient's parameters is necessary.

The M12 Vital Signs Monitor is compact, comes equipped with up to three batteries to supply emergency and/or transport power.

The M12 Vital Signs Monitor System Parameters allow simultaneous processing and display of up to six parameter waveforms and associated numeric values from each different parameter. All the Patient Information is clearly displayed on a Flat Panel Display Screen.

With its complete offering of vital sign parameters, the M12 Vital Signs Monitor may be configured to meet the monitoring needs of a wide spectrum of patients from Neonate to Adults. Every available parameter may be easily accessed and adjusted to the unique needs, condition and situation of each patient.

The Escort M12's large active matrix 12-inch color LCD screen and intuitive user interface, combined with its' revolutionary 2nd Generation Five Agent ID analysis along with all other ASA recommended parameters, is designed for unparalleled ease of use in the OR. The Escort M12 clearly redefines "monitoring flexibility" by incorporating easily upgradeable features which provide a practical cost-effective solution for all your anesthesia monitoring needs.