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Lifepak 12 Defibrillator (Medtronic Physio-Control) - Refurbished

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The Medtronic Physio-Control Lifepak 12 Defibrillator is available professionally refurbished from DRE. We have a large selection of Lifepak models. Speak with your DRE representative for available models and feature sets.


  • Optional ADAPTIV™ biphasic technology.
  • Compact and portable.The 12 weighs just 14.5 pounds.
  • Your choice of standard paddles, pediatric paddles, and/or sterilizable internal and external paddles.
  • Workswith QUIK-COMBO™ pacing/ defibrillation/ECG electrodes.
  • Convenientupgrades. Component based system designed with long term use in mind.
  • Guidance for compliance with HIPAA Security Standards for a Covered Entity available.
  • OptionalAED, manual defibrillation or both, depending on users' skills and comfort level. Add noninvasive pacing, pulse oximetry (SpO2), 12-lead ECG, EL or LCD display, capnography and noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP).
  • Many additional options. 50mm or 100mm printers, accessories and power choices.

Lifepak 12 Monitoring Specifications / Options

  • Masimo SET® pulse oximetery offers accurate and stable oxygen saturation monitoring.
  • Oscillometric noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring, with artifact rejection and automatic measurement modes.
  • End-tidal CO2 (EtCO2) monitor for both intubated and nonintubated patients, with patented Microstream™, capnography technology and FilterLine™ accessories that operate smoothly even in high humidity.
  • GE Marquette 12SL™ ECG analysis program provides industry-standard interpretation so you can make treatment decisions with confidence.
  • Vital signs trending allows for rapid evaluation of changes in patient condition.
  • Cardiac condition and risk are easily tracked. ST-segment deflection is measured every 30 seconds.
  • Two channels of invasive pressure monitoring with waveforms and numerics displayed. Interfaces with a variety of transducers.
  • Bluetooth wireless communication for transmission of 12-lead ECG and patient data.

Accessories & Supplies

Web ID CO2 Cannulas Part #  
13470 ETCO2 Cannula with Reflective Connector - Microstream Compatible