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ultrasonic nebulizer

Humidification and medication of air or anaesthetic gases may be achieved by using high-intensity ultrasound to break up water, or sterilizing agents, into tiny droplets. There are two main types, those in which the ultrasonic transducer is immersed in fluid from which the mist is projected, and those in which the liquid falls on to the transducer one drop at a time. Such devices are found in the wards and in the intensive care department. The unit may also incorporate a fan to assist the flow of gases which are being humidified.

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The use of ultrasonic waves for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, specifically to visualize an internal body structure, monitor a developing fetus, or generate localized deep heat to the tissues.

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This is a small rigid telescope which may be passed up the urethra to view the state of the urethral wall and prostate gland. It differs from a cystoscope because it has an end rather than a side view. This type of Endoscope, sometimes called a panendoscope, does not normally have extra channels for the passage of surgical instruments, although it must be possible to infuse fluids to create a small viewing space at the end.

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A device for measuring and electrically recording the volume and rate of urine output from a patient in intensive care, via a urethral catheter. One such device senses the pressure head developed at the bottom of a narrow vessel. The vessel empties periodically and a computer record is made of the volumes emptied.

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urological surgery

Concerned with medical and sugical treatment of disorders of the urinary and male reproductive systems.

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