Advanced Emergency Medicine Boot Camp – 2018 – Las Vegas, NV

Specifically designed for PAs, NPs and primary care physicians who currently practice, or intend to practice, in a contemporary emergency department or urgent care center.

The Advanced EM Boot Camp is an intensive, 23 hour, three-day (Sept. 14-16) course (preceded by optional ECG [3.75 hours] and Imaging [4 hours] workshops) designed especially for PAs, NPs and primary care physicians who currently work or intend to work in a contemporary emergency department.

Built on the foundation of the original EM Boot Camp course (which has been experienced by over 7,000 participants), this advanced course goes the next step to drill down on more detail. You’ll learn MORE critical care, MORE airway interventions, MORE trauma management, MORE pediatrics, MORE cardiac care and MORE of what you need to become a master practitioner.

The Goal Is Straightforward. This course is designed to present an advanced curriculum to help clinicians provide the best, most efficient, most evidence-based care for the benefit of ED patients.

The full event takes place Sept. 13-16, in Las Vegas. For more information, please visit