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An Evolution of the ENT Suite—Italian ergonomic design meets state-of-the-art technology for significantly improved ENT workflow

DRE, Inc.—a premier medical equipment provider—rolled out the new standard for all-in-one ENT procedure systems from Italian manufacturer Euroclinic. These evolutionary ENT workstations combine all of the commonly used elements of an outpatient setting with state-of-the art technology for an improved level of productivity and patient safety.

Euroclinic’s workstations have elegant, modular construction and mobility that replace built-in cabinetry and inefficiently designed workspaces. DRE’s ENT line will include the Otocompact Professional EVO, Otocompact Professional Luxe and the Otocompact Steel.

Each unit is equipped with high-level Italian and German engineering to provide a superior experience for both the patient and the doctor. With top of the line Italian leather ENT chair and precision-made mobile cabinet housing constructed from the highest quality materials, these workstations are ergonomic, attractive and provide a sophisticated look that fits well in large or small spaces.

Select Unique Features:

• Mobile European designed workstation
• Integrated Italian leather seating
• German Engineered Zeiss ENT microscope
• Advanced LED lighting systems
• Fully integrated video endoscopy suite
• Wireless and touch technology

Dustin Spencer, DRE’s Euroclinic product line manager, touts that the line offers benchmark quality in a small form factor and at a great price point.

“These ENT workstations are the perfect option for doctors starting a new clinic or replacing several items. Euroclinic’s workstations are unique to the market, high performing and very cost effective. Euroclinic integrates all of the vital components for ENT diagnosis and procedure for a much more affordable price than the alternatives of buying the components separately.

There is no better all-in-one solution. The Euroclinic ENT workstations are truly a complete office solution that is engineered to significantly improve ENT workflow.”