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Atherton High School Students Interview DRE for Business Mentor Program

DRE Mentors Atherton Students

The following is a guest post from Atherton High School students as part of their participation in Amazing Global Marketplace. DRE is Atherton’s business mentor in this educational program and competition designed to help teams from local high schools simulate international business practices. Students on the team interviewed Chris Padgett, VP of Sales at DRE Medical Equipment to discuss the SP VSO2 portable anesthesia machine they are showcasing as part of the program.

Why did DRE come up with a portable version of the anesthesia machine?

We gathered feedback from a number of customers requesting a compact and portable device capable of doing full general anesthesia. In 2002 we added the Integra SP VS02 to our Integra anesthesia line. The VS02 is a fully functional, MRI-compatible anesthesia system in a 27-pound package. The unit is small enough for the smallest surgery or imaging suite but is also fully portable. It’s definitely a favorite among international customers.

What are the best use cases for the VSO2?

Dental anesthesiologists really like this machine. These doctors typically carry anesthesia units from facility to facility and it is perfect for short dental and oral surgery procedures requiring anesthesia. The military have a need for anesthesia in the field for emergency surgeries. International customers often have small hospitals and rural areas where anesthesia either does not exist or cannot be done without portability. This device makes perfect sense for them.

What makes this product unique in the medical equipment industry?

Our customers find the machine very easy to operate – an important factor for anesthesiologists in critical situations. The built-in anti-hypoxic device is a unique and proven safety measure for prevention of low blood oxygen. Most machines in this category cost well over $20,000 and we offer a price point that is much more appealing. Additionally, there are a number of configuration options available to suit the specific needs of the customer.

How has the VSO2 been received by DRE’s international customers? Why?

This is a very popular machine internationally. Ease of use and portability is very important for overseas customers.  In some cases they are also looking for ways to offer a fully functional anesthesia system in situations that are more resource challenged than what we typically see here in the United States.

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