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DRE: The Trusted Name For All Your Operating Room Needs

In our 30 years of experience, we have learned a lot about the kinds of equipment medical professionals need to successfully help patients.

The New DRE Milano OB20 OB/GYN Procedure Chair Combines Design and Comfort

DRE Milano OB20 OB/GYN Procedure Chair

We’re expanding our line of specialty procedure chairs with the DRE Milano OB20 OB/GYN Procedure Chair. This new model is suitable for gynecological and urological needs, as well as colposcope exams, diagnostics and ultrasounds.

Handle Numerous Surgeries on Just One Table with the Torino XL OR Table

Check out the new Torino XL OR Table from DRE Medical!

The DRE Torino XL Operating Room Table is a prime example of what physicians need to keep up with industry trends — it is adaptable, well-made and good for any clinician’s bottom line.

Versatile Multi-Specialty Tables from DRE Offer Value, Safety and Increased Functionality

The DRE Milano T50 Power Procedures Table keeps up with industry demands

When it comes to addressing multiple needs, DRE is placing themselves at the forefront by offering two innovative, multi-purpose procedure tables: the DRE Milano T50 Power Procedures Table and the Euroclinic Mediconcept Multi-Specialty Chair.

Three Ways to Save with Amazing Holiday Deals from DRE

Take advantage of DRE's Cyber Week sale!

At DRE, we’re committed to helping your practice find the highest quality medical equipment at the best price — and that includes rolling out some special, end-of-the-year discounts. But act fast, because these great savings won’t last long!

Get to know Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar


Plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Sukkar is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Read more for his Q & A with DRE.

New, Innovative DRE Savoy QA3 Introduced


DRE recently introduced the Savoy QA3 Stretcher, ideal for patient transport, examination, and intubation. The Savoy QA3 is designed to offer hospital staff a more maneuverable and lightweight stretcher with unrivaled comfort for patients and accessibility for medical staff.

How to Simplify Patient Transfer in Your Facility

One of the most common injuries suffered by caregivers is sustaining a back, neck or shoulder injury from transferring patients from one device to another. Occupational and physical therapists, nurses, nursing aides and attendants suffer one of the highest back injury rates in the nation, second only to construction workers. While it is always important to implement a plan of action and use the proper techniques when transferring a patient, DRE can help not only eliminate the risk of injury, but also streamline the caregiving process.

DRE Adds Surgical and Exam Tables to Its Wide Selection

DRE Specialty Tables

DRE Inc. — a premier supplier of surgical and medical equipment ‐ recently added several exam tables and surgical tables to its selection and now offers one of the widest varieties of new and refurbished tables in the marketplace.

DRE debuts line of Stainless Steel Tables, Sinks, Accessories

DRE Inc. — a premier supplier of surgical and medical equipment — recently unveiled an official line of economically priced medical stainless steel products that are useful in all surgery and clinical settings.