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Required Capnography Monitoring Growing Trend Among National and State Healthcare Organizations


The Oregon Board of Dentistry is the latest to update its guidelines to require etCO2 monitoring in moderate and deep sedation in an effort to increase safety in procedures. This amendment to Section 26 of the Oregon Dental Practice Act goes into effect July 1.

Get to know outpatient anesthesiology expert Dr. Stuart E. Lieblich


Dr. Lieblich has been invited to speak on his expertise in outpatient anesthesia across the United States. DRE was privileged to discuss this topic with Dr. Lieblich.

Maintain the highest patient safety standards with DRE’s Telemetry Exchange Program


DRE’s telemetry exchange program is simple—send us your broken transmitters, receive a professionally refurbished quality transmitter at a discounted rate and save thousands while keeping your facility running.

Just in! GE Marquette MAC 5000 ECG Analysis System

DRE just added the Marquette MAC 5000 Resting ECG analysis system to its product listings. Don’t miss your change on this bestselling product from GE, because we only have a few in stock. Designed for surgery centers and hospitals, the compactly designed MAC 5000 is unique because it combines exercise and stress testing features with resting ECG.

DRE Envoy F/M central fetal/maternal monitoring system: Affordable to small hospitals

Hospitals that previously could not afford a central/fetal maternal monitoring system may want to consider the DRE Envoy F/M, a recently introduced system that is cost effective for as few as two monitors and can accommodate up to 32 monitors.

DRE Waveline EZ Vital Signs Monitor receives FDA Approval

The DRE Waveline EZ, a lightweight and portable vital signs monitor, is now available to surgery centers and hospitals throughout the U.S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Louisville, Ky. — December 2, 2010 — DRE, Inc., a premier surgical and medical equipment supplier, announces