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New Oakworks Spine Positioning System II is a Complete Solution for Spinal Procedures

Oakworks has released a new and improved Spine Positioning System, the SPS II. The SPS II has all of the great features of the original SPS with improvements to meet the needs of the market segment. Oakworks will discontinue sales of the SPS on May 1, 2013.

Introducing the New DRE Compass LED Surgical Microscope with Models for ENT and Dental Specialties


The DRE Compass LED surgical microscope’s ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability provide comfortable, precision operation with models for dental and ENT specialties.

New, Innovative DRE Savoy QA3 Introduced


DRE recently introduced the Savoy QA3 Stretcher, ideal for patient transport, examination, and intubation. The Savoy QA3 is designed to offer hospital staff a more maneuverable and lightweight stretcher with unrivaled comfort for patients and accessibility for medical staff.

Top of the line Euroclinic EVO now available at DRE

DRE, Inc.—a premier medical equipment provider—recently launched the Euroclinic Otocompact Professional EVO complete ENT workstation. The EVO combines all of the commonly used elements of an outpatient setting with state-of-the art technology for improved productivity. The EVO’s modular construction and

An Evolution of the ENT Suite—Italian ergonomic design meets state-of-the-art technology for significantly improved ENT workflow

DRE, Inc.—a premier medical equipment provider—rolled out the new standard for all-in-one ENT procedure systems from Italian manufacturer Euroclinic. These evolutionary ENT workstations combine all of the commonly used elements of an outpatient setting with state-of-the art technology for an

DRE’s New Line of American-Made Surgical Headlights is Widest Selection on Market

DRE recently introduced its new line of high-quality, high-performance surgical headlights, all made in the U.S. This line of surgical headlights is engineered to provide unparalleled ultra-bright light for use across medical specialties and facilities. These DRE headlights are true workhorses that are long lasting, comfortable to wear and provide bright illumination with minimal warm-up time, making them the best value on the market.

DRE Unveils FX-300+ Surgical Headlight and Light Source

DRE FX-300+

DRE, Inc.— a premier surgical equipment provider — recently unveiled the DRE FX-300+, a new Surgical Headlight System that combines a 300-watt white Xenon Light Source with a high-intensity fiber optic headlight. At the flick of a switch, the DRE FX-300+ provides vivid, long-lasting surgical illumination throughout prolonged and difficult surgical procedures. Plus, medical providers can crank the power to achieve unparalleled ultra-bright light and excellent intensity.

DRE Now Taking Orders On Vista LED Exam Light


DRE is now taking orders on its new DRE Vista LED Exam Light. The LED light represents a leap in technology and efficiency for the popular Vista exam light, and the Vista LED provides the best color temperature and the lowest heat output in its class. The Vista is compact, maneuverable, and gives a large flood pattern. It is available in a variety of configurations: Dual Ceiling mount, Single Wall mount, Single Ceiling mount, and a Portable system.

DRE Adds Surgical and Exam Tables to Its Wide Selection

DRE Specialty Tables

DRE Inc. — a premier supplier of surgical and medical equipment ‐ recently added several exam tables and surgical tables to its selection and now offers one of the widest varieties of new and refurbished tables in the marketplace.

DRE Envoy F/M central fetal/maternal monitoring system: Affordable to small hospitals

Hospitals that previously could not afford a central/fetal maternal monitoring system may want to consider the DRE Envoy F/M, a recently introduced system that is cost effective for as few as two monitors and can accommodate up to 32 monitors.