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Just in! GE Marquette MAC 5000 ECG Analysis System

DRE just added the Marquette MAC 5000 Resting ECG analysis system to its product listings. Don’t miss your change on this bestselling product from GE, because we only have a few in stock. Designed for surgery centers and hospitals, the compactly designed MAC 5000 is unique because it combines exercise and stress testing features with resting ECG.

Let DRE help you decide which Anesthesia Machine is right for your facility

Anesthesia machines play a vital role in medical practices, so deciding which is right for your needs makes an impact. DRE sales people are trained to help answer questions about the roles you need an anesthesia machine to play in your facility. The first factor to take into consideration is determining the role a new anesthesia machine will play in your practice. This will make it easier to make important decisions about the size, portability and anesthesia agent needed for use. Once you’ve defined these parameters, you can begin narrowing your search to the machines your facility could implement. DRE offers price points for both new and refurbished, portable and wall-mounted units from all major name brands and DRE.

Get a greater return on your investment with refurbished medical equipment from DRE

Finding cost effective solutions for medical equipment is important in all settings, from the largest hospitals to the smallest specialty clinics. DRE wants to help you save costs without compromising patient care, so we’ve loaded up our stock of refurbished medical equipment.

Rare supply of AMSCO 3085 SP Surgical Tables Now Available at DRE

DRE has a limited stock of refurbished AMSCO 3085 SP surgical tables. These surgical tables are very rare to the market and in high demand, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. The versatile AMSCO 3085 can be used in all surgical specialties because of its flexibility in patient positioning and accessibility to the patient by the surgical team. Loaded with safety features, this surgical table provides optimal comfort for the patient and ease of procedure for the doctor.

Just In: Drager Narkomed GS Anesthesia Machines

DRE just received a limited stock of refurbished Drager Narkomed GS Anesthesia workstations. With next-level technology in a compact, user-friendly anesthesia system, the Narkomed GS is the best bet for anesthesia solutions.

Hospira Plum A+ Supply Arrives at DRE

A special supply of Hospira Plum A+ infusion systems just arrived at DRE. The Plum A+® Infusion System is a stationary, multi-channel pump with software and display features that have been designed to reduce drug administration errors and help promote safe and on-time delivery of medications.

Limited-time Sale on American-made DRE Surgical Headlights


DRE recently introduced its new line of high-quality, high-performance surgical headlights, all made in the U.S. This line of surgical headlights is engineered to provide unparalleled ultra-bright light for use across medical specialties and facilities. To celebrate this launch, the company is offering customers 10 percent off all DRE headlights for the month of August.

Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilators

DRE recently added several Puritan Bennett® 840™ Ventilator Systems to our inventory. The Puritan Bennett 840 is responsive to patients and offers superior comfort, delivering sensitive, precise breaths to critically ill neonatal through adult patients.

Free Medical Supply & Accessory Derby Promotional

Louisville, KY — April 18, 2011 — Spring is a special time of year in the Greater Louisville, Kentucky, area, where DRE Medical and others in the Bluegrass State celebrate the Kentucky Derby. The entire area schedules festivals, events and celebrations