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Discover the Top 3 Advantages of Dental Microscopy at AAE

Learn more about the Compass LED from Dustin and Eric at AAE 2014.

Dental professionals from across the United States will be convening in Washington, D.C., for the 2014 Annual Session of the American Association of Endodontists April 30 – May 3. This event offers a chance for endodontists to meet with peers and discuss the latest technological advances, best practices and industry trends.

This year marks the first time DRE has participated in AAE. Eric Brady and Dustin Spencer will showcase the DRE Compass LED Dental Microscope, a high performing microscope that is specifically-built to suit the diverse needs of endodontists. Dustin shared some highlights of the Compass.

Why do you think the AAE is endorsing the use of microscopes?

I think the AAE’s adoption of good microscope practices is a reflection of changes in the industry and in the technology that drives it. Training dentists in every school have been learning to integrate dental microscopes into their workflows for upwards of ten years, so they are becoming much more prevalent in offices today. The technology for advanced optics is also more readily available, so dentists can choose from a wider selection of good microscopes on the market.

What benefits can dentists hope to get when they use a good dental microscope?

Microscopes are simple. They allow dentists to get a clear, detailed view and they can be instrumental in detecting possible problems. With a microscope, dentists can find cracks, obstructions and perforations that might not be visible to the naked eye.

A good dental microscope is beneficial for the patient, and for the dentist. The DRE Compass LED, for example, provides that clear view while helping dentists protect their necks and backs from the constant strain traditionally associated with dental loupes. The Compass features a built-in, inclinable binocular that rotates from zero to 180 degrees, which allows dentists to keep a healthy posture during use.

What other features of the DRE Compass LED make it stand out in the market?

The Compass has all of the industry-leading attributes of a premium dental microscope, including a six-step magnification system, an LED light source, and an apochromatic objective lens. Where this microscope really stands out is the device’s many ergonomic considerations and its ease of use.

As a microscope designed specifically for dental use, the designers of the Compass took dentists’ needs into consideration. For example, this device has built-on orange and green filters — orange to prevent the premature curing of composite, and green to provide better recognition of blood vessels.

How does DRE stay at the forefront of industry trends?

DRE has been serving customers since 1984, gaining experience along the way. This year, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary as a company that has the knowledge and expertise to find the best equipment to help our customers keep up with the rapidly changing medical field.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C.! Stop by booth #837 and say hello to Dustin and Eric. Don’t forget to ask about our 30th anniversary customer rewards promotion, and find out how you can stock up on FREE supplies from ORSupply.com — the online marketplace for medical supplies, accessories and devices.

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