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DRE Celebrates 30 Years of Value, Kicks Off DRE is 30 Trivia Series

DRE Celebrates 30 Years of Value

Big things are happening at DRE! We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary as a company this year, and we want to include you in the festivities.

Throughout 2014, DRE is going to roll out some exciting specials to give back to customers who have helped us grow and thrive over the past 30 years. Make sure you check in with us on our social channels  to see what we’re doing, and what we have planned in the months ahead!

Before we move forward, let’s take a look back to see where we’ve been. Here are five pieces of trivia we bet you didn’t know about DRE Medical Equipment:

  1. DRE was co-founded by Mike Spencer and Charlie Vittitow in 1984 in Louisville, Ky.
    These two men are still actively involved in DRE’s everyday operations and successes.
  2. Before founding DRE, Charlie ran a successful dental practice.
    Charlie’s background as a dentist, combined with Mike’s extensive experience in the medical equipment field, paved the way for DRE to become an industry leader.
  3. The first product sold at DRE was a refurbished infant incubator.
    Both new and used models of incubators are still among DRE’s flagship products that include anesthesia machines, patient monitors, surgery lights and operating room tables.
  4. Today, DRE Medical supplies thousands of products for the operating room and critical care environments.
    Download our 2014 medical equipment catalog and shop 40 pages of our best selling DRE brands.
  5. DRE has more than $5 million of inventory in stock every day in the warehouse.
    Despite the constant updates to our inventory of medical equipment, we always maintain a stock of items to quickly serve our customers’ needs.

Now that you know a little backstory about us, we’re hoping to learn more about you and your facility as we continue the festivities throughout 2014. Connect with your peers on our social networks for our exclusive 30th anniversary deals and industry updates.  Have some comments to share? Email social(at)dremed.com

Be on the lookout for more “DRE is 30” trivia opportunities — and find out how you can win some prizes and special rewards!