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DRE Envoy F/M central fetal/maternal monitoring system: Affordable to small hospitals

Hospitals that previously could not afford a central/fetal maternal monitoring system may want to consider the DRE Envoy F/M, a recently introduced system that is cost effective for as few as two monitors and can accommodate up to 32 monitors.

The DRE Envoy F/M provides monitoring, alerts, reviewing, printing and patient information storage in one system. It covers the entire spectrum of obstetrical care from the first antepartum visits to delivery.

The easy-to-use system stores records indefinitely. A dual hard drive ensures backup of data. The Envoy is EMR friendly.

The Envoy is available in wireless and non-wireless versions.

The central station can be configured to work with existing monitors, possibly saving a facility the cost of new monitors. A DRE sales representative can help facilities determine if their monitors are compatible with the Envoy system.

Additional options for facility customizations are also available.

The Envoy F/M can be purchased with Compact Plus fetal/maternal monitors, a 12-inch high-resolution color touchscreen.