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DRE Medical Will Soon Be Avante Medical Surgical

DRE will soon be Avante Medical Surgical

As we finish out 2018, DRE will become the Medical Surgical Division of Avante Health Solutions.

“We are looking forward to this next chapter of growth,” said Michael Spencer, President of DRE Medical, soon to be Avante Medical Surgical. “Joining the Avante family has allowed our business to expand and continue to thrive in today’s medical equipment market.”

Avante offers one-source capital equipment solutions, making it easier and more affordable for every medical facility to have the best equipment, supplies, and service.

Avante is expanding its global leadership in the healthcare market by acquiring, partnering, and growing with medical equipment companies that provide smart solutions for a wide variety of medical facilities.

Together, Avante equipment experts will use their industry experience to source products across the spectrum of medical equipment brands, allowing our customers to purchase the best equipment for their needs.


Browse Expanded Product Offerings on the New Avante Website

As part of our transition to Avante Medical Surgical, we’re also pleased to announce the launch of the brand new Avante Health Solutions website. We will be gradually transitioning all of our online operations to this new platform, giving our customers unprecedented access to Avante’s complete, one-source medical equipment and service solutions.


The new website merges all Avante companies under one central domain, allowing DRE customers the same selection of surgical equipment while showcasing products and service offerings from the entire Avante family.

In addition to an expanded equipment selection, the new website will also feature an enhanced knowledge base that offers expertise and support from across the Avante family of companies. Browse the new website for equipment support portals, informational guides, troubleshooting videos, industry news, and more.

As we continue our rebranding process from DRE Medical to Avante Medical Surgical, https://www.dremed.com will remain available to our customers until late 2019 when our online transition is complete.

All of us at DRE are excited to take this new step as Avante Medical Surgical, and we look forward to offering you expanded product and service options in the years to come. To make room for this expansion, we’re also moving into brand new company headquarters in January 2019. Read more information about our new, state-of-the-art Avante Medical Surgical company headquarters here.

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