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DRE Rolls Out Fully-Featured Mobile Surgery Table

The DRE Anetic-P Surgery Trolley allows hospitals and surgery centers to move patients from pre-op through post-op without the need of additional stretchers or surgery tables.

Louisville, Ky., April 28, 2010 — DRE, a premier surgical and medical equipment supplier, recently unveiled the DRE Anetic-P, a multi-purpose mobile operating table that combines the maneuverability of a stretcher with features of a surgery table.

The DRE Anetic-P allows clinicians to move patients from pre-op to surgery to post-op without transferring the patient from a stretcher to a surgery table — the DRE Anetic-P provides the features of both. In addition to transporting patients, it is designed for a variety of surgical procedures for gynecology, arthroscopy, ophthalmology and more.

With four remotely-activated powered functions — including a traversing top and Trendelenburg positioning — the DRE Anetic-P surgery trolley offers full C-arm coverage and superior surgical access. It provides a 550-lb. weight capacity and dependable stability.

DRE Anetic-P

The DRE Anetic-P mobile surgery system features:

  • Removable head section
  • Push button release and self-locking cotsides
  • Push button rotating cotsides
  • Push button release and self-locking leg section
  • Removable ultra lightweight leg section
  • Pressure care mattress

The DRE Anetic-P mobile surgery table is designed for a variety of patient procedures. For transport and recovery, it provides cotsides fitted for patient comfort and safety, and a unique retractable steering mechanism for maximum maneuverability.

For gynecological surgery, the DRE Anetic-P provides a patient platform traversed to the foot end for improved access, and removable head and leg sections. Gynecological surgeons can also fit the DRE Anetic-P with optional powered leg supports.

Additional features of the DRE Anetic-P include a traversed head end for improved ophthalmology access, and a traversed foot end for arthroscopy access. An optional arthroscopy backrest is also available.

DRE’s selection of new and professionally refurbished medical equipment includes the Colin BP-S510 Patient Monitor, DRE Integra AV-S Anesthesia Machine, DRE Maxx Luxx 3 Surgery Lighting System.The Anetic-P is available now from DRE in select regions of the United States. Physicians and surgeons can learn more about DRE’s complete selection of new and professionally refurbished medical products by visiting.