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DRE: The Trusted Name For All Your Operating Room Needs

In our 30 years of experience, we have learned a lot about the kinds of equipment medical professionals need to successfully help patients. Our inventory is always growing to incorporate new models of equipment, a reflection of our dedication to our customers.

DRE medical equipment brands include all the essentials for the operating room and critical care environments. We stock anesthesia machines, surgical lights, patient monitors, electrosurgical units, surgery tables and many more are available options. Don’t overpay for your medical equipment needs. Go with the name you can trust and find exactly what you need.

Now for more in our 30th anniversary trivia series. Here are five more pieces of trivia from DRE’s vault:

  1. DRE takes its name from the first letters of the co-founders first-born children.
  2. The DRE Integra SP VSO2 Portable Anesthesia Machine is one of the most popular and versatile products across multiple divisions.
  3. DRE’s divisions encompass a wide range of medical equipment and supply needs:
    -Hospital and Education
    -Medical Specialties
    -Veterinary & Animal Science
    -Biomedical & Field Services
    -Integrated Rental Services
  4. During the formative years of the company, DRE specialized in refurbished anesthesia machines.
  5. DRE is the parent company of ORSupply.com, a division specifically  dedicated to fulfilling orders for medical supplies and equipment accessories.

Now that you know a little backstory about us, we’re hoping to learn more about you and your facility as we continue the festivities throughout 2014. Connect with your peers on our social networks for our exclusive 30th anniversary deals and industry updates.  Have some comments to share? Email social(at)dremed.com.