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Four Ways to Improve Your Podiatry Practice

Euroclinic’s specialized podiatry design is setting a new bar in terms of innovation, ergonomics and productivity considerations.

The healthcare industry is changing, and so must medical professionals. An easy way to make the transition from old to new is with innovative equipment that will help lead podiatry practices into the future.

DRE’s Euroclinic line is made up of devices they need to keep up with the rapidly evolving industry. Euroclinic’s specialized design is setting a new bar in terms of innovation, ergonomics and productivity considerations.

Work Smarter

With Euroclinic’s carefully designed workstations, all of the essential tools for podiatry are within an arms reach. The Euroclinic Caprice is an innovative and compact podiatry cart that is outfitted with an instrument console on a flexible arm. The arm features a display that controls the cart’s RPM rotational tool.

The Euroclinic Steel Professional TS is an advanced podiatry cabinet with touch screen system that controls the movements of the motorized podiatry chair, the rotational tool, the terminal coaxial suction cannula and the three-function syringe.

Get Comfortable

With the Euroclinic Mya and the Suprema P-300 specialized ADA-compliant podiatry chairs, podiatrists can can examine and treat one foot at a time with Euroclinic’s unique split-leg rests. This practical approach helps patients maintain comfortable positioning throughout procedures and allows podiatrists to narrow their fields of views.

Go Wireless

The Mya and Suprema P-300 chairs both have optional wireless capabilities so podiatrists can have more options for set-up, proximity and mobility.

Choose Flexibility

Both chairs are operated by a wired or wireless foot pedal that controls chair movements: three memorized positions and a zero resting position. The Mya rotates 180 degrees in both directions, while the Suprema has a full rotation of 360 degrees.

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