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Get the Most from Your Infant Incubator Purchase

Limited Supply of GE Giraffe Incubators Now Available

There are few standalone medical devices that are as central to a patient’s care as the infant incubator. For premature infants, their first, and often fragile, days are spent inside incubators. It’s how they receive the warmth and care they need for development.

When searching for a new incubator for any medical suite, clinicians should keep this in mind and look for a device that has it all.

Pay Attention to Detail

The GE Giraffe Incubator comes with small, built-in functions that make a big difference. The patient mattress inside the incubator rotates a full 360 degrees, giving caregivers customization options for positioning the patient. Thirteen tubing access ports insure the infant is able to receive necessary treatments. Clinicians can control the incubator’s humidity in five percent increments, and an in-bed scale can easily be used to track the patient’s weight gain.

Bring Family and Baby Together

Makers of the GE Giraffe Incubator designed this device so both clinicians and family members can easily give care and comfort to the patient. The incubator’s mattress height is adjustable, which allows parents and other family members to sit nearby — an integral part of the infant’s development. This incubator has the technology that can make an infant’s first days safe, while still allowing for equally vital family interaction.

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