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Get to know board certified anesthesiologist Marlon Michel


Dr. Marlon Michel is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and president of M2 Anesthesia. Dr. Michel began practicing anesthesia in 2003 and opened M2 Anesthesia in 2009.

M2 Anesthesia primarily focuses on in-office general anesthesia for the pediatric dental patient. Dr. Michel is also part owner and medical director for two different surgery centers that solely focus on pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Michel has had a long career in anesthesiology, accumulating such accolades as:

  • Past President Utah Society of Anesthesiologists
  • Delegate to the American Society of Anesthesiologists
  • Past Secretary of the Utah Medical Association
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certified
  • CPR Instructor

Dr. Michel is from Glenwood, Alberta, Canada and attended Brigham Young University. He completed medical school at the University of Alberta, doing his residency at Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Michel then attended business school at University of Tennessee. Apart from his busy schedule at M2, he is happily married to his wife, Jennifer and has two wonderful children. Learn more about Dr. Michel below.

Q & A with Dr. Marlon Michel

Tell me about M2 Anesthesia– When and why did you start the company?

I started M2 Anesthesia (my name is Marlon Michel, and I needed a business name… ergo M2) in April of 2009. I had recently completed my MBA, and learned about reducing waste, streamlining processes and giving the patient a better overall experience. My friend who is a pediatric dentist in Washington had a surgery center that was being underutilized, and asked if I could give him suggestions.Together, we built a better, more efficient, well-run surgery center, and needless to say, are very pleased with the results.

M2 grew from there. My colleague told two other doctors, and they told two more, etc. Now, 28 dental offices, two surgery centers, two dental schools and seven anesthesia providers later, we continue to provide a wonderful anesthetic experience for each and every patient.

What would you like people to know about M2 Anesthesia?

M2 Anesthesia is comprised of four MD anesthesiologists, one dental anesthesiologist and two CRNAs. We provide in office general anesthesia for the pediatric/general dentist. We nasally intubate each patient, and do so in a very efficient manner. Our turnover times are usually less than 7 minutes from when the patient is extubated, until the next patient is back into the exam room asleep. We use a combination of intravenous drugs which allows for a very quick wake up response, with very low incidence of side effects or post-op sedation.

In some of the larger offices with more than 1 DDS, we will do what we call “Double Days,” which means each treatment room has one DDS doing the dental work, and one anesthesiologist providing the anesthesia, with two rooms going at the same time. We each have our own supplies, machine and set up. These are very enjoyable as the whole office gets involved, and a lot of surgery is performed!

Why, in your opinion, is the DRE Integra VSO2 a great option for anesthesiology and more specifically, for your facility?

Over the last 3 years, I have purchased 12 DRE Integra VSO2 machines, and use them at several different anesthetizing locations. When I was looking to buy a mobile anesthesia machine, I required that it be able to deliver N2O, and the DRE Integra VSO2 was the only one that I felt comfortable with that could reliably and safely do so. With Anthony’s help, we had them all configured in the exact same way, so that any one of the partners can show up in any office, ‘plug and play’, and within a few minutes be up and working in no time.

Because M2 travels, the VSO2’s compact design and ease of storage allow us to commonly leave some machines at the dental offices. Other VSO2’s are put through the daily stresses of being put in the trunk of a car and driven around from office to office. They are tough enough to endure the transportation, the setting up and taking them down on a daily basis; probably the best compact reliable mobile anesthesia machine out there, no questions asked!

At one of the surgery centers, I was having some issues with one of the large stationary anesthesia machine, instead of closing the OR down while the machine was being repaired, I simply brought in one of the VSO2 machine and used it. The CRNA later told me that she preferred the simplicity of the VSO2 compared to the large stationary one.

What has your experience been with DRE support?

I did a web search, found the VSO2 machine and knew I wanted this particular machine. I bought one and have worked with Anthony Riley ever since. He is on my contact list in my cell phone, and when he picks up he always knows it’s me before I even say a word. He is amazing to work with, and has phenomenal people skills. He promptly gets back to me with answers to my questions, and has been there for me if I needed any repair work done. To me, Anthony is DRE, and he makes DRE look good.

Anthony has asked me if other doctors could call me and ask about the VSO2; and even with my very busy schedule, I am happy to accommodate any such callers. So far I think four different doctors have called, and I have told them my experience with DRE, the VSO2, and with Anthony—all of which has been VERY positive.

I have done several medical missions overseas with Operation Smile and every time I do, I put in a plug for the VSO2!