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Guest Post: When I Touched His Hand, He Touched My Heart


A Quick Introduction

We are so happy to introduce Bernie Morris, Chief Financial Officer at Blessings International, as our first guest blogger. Blessings International supports a medical team to provide healthcare to roughly 750 orphans across 17 orphanages. Bernie will share her experience on her medical mission trip to Haiti along with her amazing interaction with a young patient. DRE is proud to partner with Blessings International through our medical missions rental program where we donate Albendazole deworming medicines for up to 500 patients. We are thrilled to share this special story with you, happy reading!

When I Touched His Hand, He Touched My Heart

A guest post by Bernie Morris, Chief Financial Officer for Blessings International


I had the opportunity to take a trip to Haiti, where I observed the Haiti Orphanage Medical Support (HOMS) project in action. HOMS is funded through Blessings International’s Medicine for Orphans Fund. These beautiful children are dependent upon others to meet their basic needs, including regular health care, medicine and vitamins, which may help to save and sustain their precious lives. I saw this provision first hand as a cholera outbreak was quickly treated by medicines from Blessings while I was in Titianyen, Haiti. Blessings International was able to quickly provide medicines for treatment.

As Debi Lammert, APRN-CNS and I made the circuit to some of the 19 orphanages in the HOMS project, the children’s height and weight measurements were taken. I have three young children myself, so when I saw a little boy that looked about the size of my four year old son, I was shocked to learn he was actually almost 8 years old. I am so grateful for the HOMS project, knowing we can help make a difference in this little boy’s life and the other 776 orphans we serve. We also dispensed some deworming medicine, antibiotics and other vital medicine from Blessings International, in addition to multivitamins and some vitamin A supplementation.

Darrenz, a child in one of the orphanages we visited, and I made a special connection. When we first met, he was kind of shy, but then he warmed up naturally and sat in my lap. I grasped his hand and he grasped mine. When I touched his hand, he touched my heart. Even though we couldn’t communicate to one another verbally, we didn’t need words. In that moment, it seemed like I was able to offer a little hope to him, a memory I will always cherish.

The mission of Blessings International is to heal the hurting, build healthy communities and transform lives. We accomplish this by facilitating medical missions primarily in developing nations by serving as a source of pharmaceuticals, vitamins and medical supplies for medical mission teams, clinics, and hospitals. If you or your team has a need for life-saving medicines for your next medical mission trip, please visit our website at www.blessing.org.

Thanks again to Bernie Morris for sharing her inspiring medical mission story! Stay tuned for more guest blog posts from friends of DRE Global Outreach.

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