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How to Choose the Right Stainless Steel Products for Your Practice

When choosing the right stainless steel equipment for your needs, use these expert tips from DRE.

Stainless steel is non-porous, easy to clean and durable for everyday use. The metal’s longevity makes it ubiquitous in the medical industry.

Despite stainless steel’s innate strength and durability, certain fabrication methods and steel grades can make a big difference in the life and effectiveness of your stainless steel products. When choosing the right stainless steel equipment for your needs, use these expert tips from DRE.

Opt for Customization

DRE stainless steel scrub sinks, work tables and medical instrument stands are available in fully customizable formations. Customers can request sizes and specify capabilities that are carefully crafted by equipment experts and technicians.

Our customizable scrub sinks are custom-built in the configuration that is right for you. Common options include:

  • single or dual basin
  • wall-mounted or countertop (drop-in) design
  • knee-action faucet valve, foot-pedal faucet valve, or on/off infrared sensor valve
  • multiple faucet options, including wing-handled faucet, swivel gooseneck spout, rigid gooseneck spout

Work tables and instrument stands also have many configuration options, including with or without sturdy casters, with a welded undershelf, and an IV pole insert.

Choose Quality Materials

Stainless steel is naturally strong and durable, and DRE insures quality construction on our products by only using the best materials.

Stainless steel products from DRE are assembled using sturdy 16-gauge 304 steel, higher than the industry standard, to ensure that it won’t warp under pressure.

Invest in the Future

DRE’s stainless steel products are fully-welded, meaning parts are fused together instead of using nuts and bolts that can wear down the steel over time. Welding pieces together produces a stronger product that can withstand years of everyday use.

For DRE’s line of custom made stainless steel products, we choose top-quality materials and fabrication methods to produce durable products that will benefit healthcare settings for many years to come.

For more information on DRE’s stainless steel line up, visit dremed.com or call 1-502-244-4444 today. Connect with your peers on our for exclusive deals and industry updates. Comments to share? Email social(at)dremed.com.