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Improve productivity and profitability in your ENT clinic

DRE knows your time is important. When you are able to examine and treat patients quickly and effectively, you can see more patients in a day and increase your profitability. That’s why DRE recently announced its partnership with Italian manufacturer Euroclinic to bring our customers an ENT suite that streamlines routine processes during patient visits.

With Euroclinic’s ENT suites, it is estimated that you can save up to 30 percent of valuable time on each visit because of the workstations ergonomics and fully integrated features.

“This is a state of the art clinic,” Brian Affleck from the Grande Ronde ENT Clinic told Oregon newspaper The Observer. “I can take a patient’s history and perform the exam within 20 minutes.”

Euroclinic thought of every detail for improvement in designing these ENT suites. From the small details in design like hiding screws so surfaces are smoother and easier to clean, to advanced technology like wireless controls that prevent tangling and enhance appearance, these workstations have everything an ENT physician needs.

The chair, specifically designed for use in ENT treatment, is operated by a wireless foot pedal that has three memory settings, two for the most used positions of the doctor’s choice and one for an entry and exit position. With one tap on the foot pedal, the chair positions on its own while the doctor is able to prepare instruments or pull up the patient’s history on the integrated database management software.

The workstation’s instruments are easily adjustable to be positioned virtually anywhere near the patient chair, as required by the doctor’s needs. The touchscreen computer monitor is situated at eye level for the physician so that data and images can be analyzed quickly and saved to a Smart Card. The Smart Card reader saves patient data to the card, eliminating the need to take time printing images or writing notes in a file. These Euroclinic suites are compatible with any data management system in any country across the world.

All of the necessary tools for ENT treatment and diagnosis are located right next to the patient chair and easily operated by a color touchscreen. Once you are finished using one of the three LED light sources or an instrument, simply return the object to its holster and the workstation shuts it off for you. Any used instruments can be cleaned in either the UV light drawer or in a holder for dirty endoscopes.

The Euroclinic ENT suites not only increase your productivity and profitability, but provide an excellent experience for patients. The sleek, Italian design has modern luxury with reliable functionality, so your patients are more at ease and feel the quality.

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