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Introducing the all-new DRE Delphi C-Arm Table


We’re pleased to introduce the all-new DRE Delphi CF Float Top C-Arm Table, an economical imaging table with high-end, easy-to-use features. The Delphi is a five-movement table with floating top, making it ideal for all types of surgical imaging applications.

The Delphi features a carbon fiber tabletop with a radiolucent area measuring approximately 72 inches, allowing clinicians to get high-quality, clear images with low x-ray doses. The onboard controls move the table into virtually any position, for complete control over the imaging area for the best possible results.

Excellent Positioning

Using either the handheld remote or the onboard control panel, the Delphi can be positioned via the following motions: height adjustment, lateral tilt, Trendelenburg, longitudinal travel, and lateral travel.

With a wide vertical adjustment range, the Delphi is compatible with even the largest C-arm systems. The table’s height range of 28 to 44 inches also allows clinicians to adjust the tabletop to a comfortable working height to prevent back strain.

The Delphi table’s high-speed actuators make smooth, balanced table movements, allowing clinicians to tilt the table with minimal disturbance to the patient. In addition to lateral tilt, lateral travel, and longitudinal travel, the Delphi can achieve both Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning up to 18 degrees. At the end of each case, the Delphi can be reset to its default, flat tabletop position with the “return to level” feature.

To learn more about the DRE Delphi CF Float Top C-Arm Table, contact a DRE representative today.