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Introducing the NEW DRE Medical 2015 Catalog — Available for Digital Download

New 2015-2016 Equipment Catalog

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the 2015 DRE Medical Equipment Catalog, now available in a digitally-optimized online download for your convenience.

Download our catalog to view top selections from our high-quality, cost-effective products. We source everything you need for the operating room, including anesthesia machines, patient monitors, surgical lighting, procedure tables, stretchers, electrosurgical units, respiratory ventilators and much more.

Shop the latest DRE brand equipment, as well as products from Dräger, Bovie, Carefusion, GE, Baxter, Stryker, Zoll and other industry leaders.

Our 2015 catalog highlights both new and refurbished equipment options. We have 30 years of experience refurbishing a variety of equipment from anesthesia machines to surgical tables, infant incubators, respiratory ventilators, monitors, lights, and electrosurgical units.

Healthcare professionals from around the world rely on us every day for their medical equipment needs. We offer a complete selection of new and refurbished equipment and services including facilities planning and installation, medical gas and biomedical field services. Get your copy of our 2015 catalog today and see all of the ways DRE can serve your facility.

Download our 2015 DRE Medical Equipment Catalog, and call our dedicated equipment experts at 1-800-462-8195 today.