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Just in! GE Marquette MAC 5000 ECG Analysis System

DRE just added the Marquette MAC 5000 Resting ECG analysis system to its inventory items.

Don’t miss your chance on this bestselling product from GE, because we only have a limited number in stock. Designed for surgery centers and hospitals, the compactly designed MAC 5000 is unique because it combines exercise and stress testing features with resting ECG.

Loaded with features to increase productivity, this monitor truly is in a league of its own. The MAC 5000 comes equipped with gender-specific interpretation for adult and pediatric modes, as well as P-wave signal averaging and Digital Compact Acquisition module for optimal measurement and signal accuracy. The Order Manager allows you to quickly download the patient’s data to the Catalyst MUSE system.

Contact your DRE representative today at 1-800-477-2006 to get in on this great deal.