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Meet Matt Spencer, Senior Medical Equipment Buyer at DRE

Meet Matt Spencer

Since Matt Spencer finished his studies at the University of Kentucky and joined DRE, Inc., he has become our resident expert when it comes to buying medical equipment.

Matt Spencer is putting his experience to good use as the senior buyer for DRE. He is the primary liaison between vendors, sales staff, and clients. From day to day, he works with hospitals, health care systems and surgery centers to procure excess capital medical equipment.

What kinds of equipment does Matt buy?

Matt is always looking for pieces of equipment to outfit operating rooms. This group includes intact anesthesia machines, defibrillators, electrosurgical units, infant warmers and other durable items considered capital medical equipment.

He’s also looking for well-documented items. During negotiations, he asks for photos of the equipment, serial numbers and condition reports to help him best assess the real value of the device. Ideally, the equipment is in working order, though Matt can sometimes repurpose dysfunctional devices.

What makes Matt’s appraisal process unique?

Matt’s careful evaluation of the device can make a big difference for surgery centers’ bottom line. He appraises equipment on a case-by-case basis, making sure clients get the most accurate idea of how much their equipment is worth.

By opting to sell their equipment to DRE instead of back to the original manufacturer, hospitals and healthcare centers are getting a real cash value instead of the small amount manufacturers are willing to pay.

What are the benefits of DRE’s trade-in program?

A big part of Matt’s job is helping companies get fair prices for their unwanted equipment, but he does a lot more. He also facilitates DRE’s trade-in process, an easy way for healthcare centers to save money when they purchase factory-new items.

With most manufacturers, trading in used equipment for new items isn’t as cost-effective or customizable as DRE’s process. Companies tend to receive less money for their equipment, and they are limited as to what they can purchase as part of the trade-in program. DRE’s expertise and ever-growing inventory of capital equipment mean Matt can give customers what they want.

Essentially, DRE is a one stop shop. Our catalog is well-stocked with surgical tables, anesthesia machines, up-to-date patient monitoring systems, procedure chairs, respiratory ventilators, defibrillators and energy-saving LED surgical lights. When companies are seeking to trade in their unwanted equipment, Matt helps them pick out any other items they could want in return.

To talk with Matt about your specific equipment needs, connect with him on LinkedIn.