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New FLOCAP CO2 Detector Provides Innovative Safety in Emergency Situations

The FLOCAP CO2 Detector and Flow Indicator is a single-use device that aids caregivers in high-stress environments.

ORSupply.com recently introduced the FLOCAP CO2 Detector and Flow Indicator — a single-use device that aids caregivers in high-stress environments.

The innovative FLOCAP is designed to act as a visual cue to aid caregivers while they perform tracheal intubation in the field. The FLOCAP’s simplicity makes it an ideal choice for emergency medical technicians, fire and rescue personnel and military medics.

Brent Kramer, e-commerce manager for ORSupply.com, his team is one of the few companies currently offering the FLOCAP.

“It’s a new product that’s unique to the market,” Brent said. “And we really think it will make a difference in our customers’ day to day routines.”

The FLOCAP is currently the only product on the market that features both an on-board CO2 and an air flow indicator.

Using the device’s unique color-changing interface, the FLOCAP visually indicates when the patient is properly intubated. The device also shows when it’s time to administer another breath.

Watch our animated simulation of the FLOCAP’s unique indicator system.

When a patient exhales CO2, the FLOCAP’s CO2 indicator changes from purple to yellow, insuring correct intubation. The orange spinner in the center serves as an air flow indicator to prevent harmful breath stacking.

ORSupply.com is a one stop shop for all the medical supplies needs of any surgical center or operating room. For more information on the FLOCAP and other product offerings, visit ORSupply.com or call 1-800-499-5383 today. Connect with Brent on LinkedIn and keep up with industry updates and news.