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NEW Podiatry Equipment from Italian Manufacturer Euroclinic


DRE will now carry high-quality podiatry equipment from Italian manufacturer Euroclinic. Euroclinic’s podiatry line offers a wide range of options with assorted models and customizable integrated applications while keeping a competitive price/quality ratio and interpreting physicians’ needs in the worldwide market. DRE’s offerings will include fully-integrated, high quality treatment cabinets and top-of-the-line patient chairs.

Euroclinic’s podiatry cabinets incorporate form and function for improved workflow and superior patient and physician experience. Each cabinet can be customized with state-of-the-art features like touch screen and wireless foot pedal controls for chair movement and instrument operation, video integration, UV disinfectant drawer and multi-purpose compartments for streamlined access and storage of instruments and materials.

DRE will carry the Euroclinic Compact Professional TS, Steel TS and Caprice Professional podiatry cabinets.

Euroclinic’s stylish and feature-rich podiatry chairs provide maximum ergonomics with easy-to-clean surfaces for efficient diagnosis and treatment.

These podiatry chairs come with high quality body-shaped upholstery, split leg rests and trendelenburg capabilities, but can also be customized for advanced adjustment options like wireless foot pedal and stainless steel basin.

DRE will carry the Euroclinic Concept, Mya and Podopeg podiatry chairs.

DRE first teamed up with Euroclinic in 2012 to provide total solutions for ENT suites, but is pleased to extend this partnership to offer podiatry equipment. Euroclinic is characterized by modern shapes and versatile options, but above all by its constant innovation thanks to prompt upgrading of the integrated technology.