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Searching for a Volunteer Opportunity? 3 Simple Steps to Narrow Your Search

Volunteering Search

Congratulations on moving forward with your interest to volunteer and serve others. It can be overwhelming completing a google search and learning about all the non-profit organizations that offer mission trips and volunteer opportunities. This initial search can leave your head spinning.

There are so many wonderful organizations doing amazing work, however selecting the right fit for you can become less difficult when addressing three points. In your initial search, focus on the following:

  • 1. Faith based or secular
  • 2. Skill set
  • 3. Level of commitment


1. Faith based or secular

To assure your goals and needs are properly aligned with a non-profit and or mission group, ask yourself if you want to work with an organization that is faith-based and offers an evangelistic approach to assisting those in need or if you prefer an organization that is secular. If the answer is yes, you would like a faith-based mission trip, begin a search through local churches that partner themselves with global relief efforts. There are various resources to steer your search for a faith-based mission opportunity and can even list a specific denomination.

If you prefer a secular volunteer opportunity, know there are just as many choices from which you can select. A secular non-profit will allow you to provide hands on work to benefit those in need and do not have a specific focus of religion and/or evangelism. Secular options do not oppose faith-based volunteers; however, it is not a requirement.

2. Skill set

The second tip we offer is to confirm your skill set. Do you have a medical background? Do you have teaching and educational skills? No skill is too small, and all are important. Do not forget about creative skill sets which include strong organization, labor/construction, language translation skills, and the list continues. Find an organization that allows your skill set to be put to great use.

3. Level of commitment

Lastly, think about your level of commitment. What is the length of time you can realistically offer an organization? Do you have a week to volunteer, a weekend, a month, etc.? Local offices will take volunteers on a daily basis. The level of commitment you can offer will certainly steer your search. The time you have available will also determine if you should focus on international or domestic opportunities.

Majority of trips are already pre-planned and have specific dates. Once you determine your level of commitment, find an organization that offers volunteer opportunities that match your criteria.

Happy searching!

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