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Meet Jack Dunker, DRE’s New Euroclinic Sales Specialist

Jack Dunker is DRE's Euroclinic Sales Specialist

Jack Dunker, a sales specialist with more than 30 years of experience, is the new point person for Euroclinic’s innovative workstations like the pictured Otocompact Professional Evo.

LED Lighting Options from DRE Meet Industry Demands for Economy and Sustainability

The Maxx Luxx LED is DRE's premier surgical light

Medical professionals are incorporating LED lights into their operating rooms in increasing numbers, for good reasons. LED surgical lights increase the amount of light while maintaining a cool temperature, all for almost half of the energy used for traditional halogen bulbs.

Find Out About Enhanced Performance and Energy Savings with LED Surgical Lighting


DRE is now offering the highly efficient DRE Maxx Luxx LED Surgical Light. The Maxx Luxx LED is more efficient, provides a lower cost of ownership and requires less maintenance than other surgical lighting options.

LED Upgrade Option For DRE & BFW Surgical Headlights Boost Performance And Reduce Costs


You can now easily and affordably upgrade any of your older model DRE or BFW halogen headlights to LED with our conversion kit complete with a new LED light harness, lithium ion battery pack, and charger. Don’t pay for a new headlight—just upgrade with the DRE LED Conversion Kit. As long as your headlight was manufactured after 1995 with the rectangular bulb housing, the conversion will work.