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The New DRE Milano OB20 OB/GYN Procedure Chair Combines Design and Comfort

DRE Milano OB20 OB/GYN Procedure Chair

We’re expanding our line of specialty procedure chairs with the DRE Milano OB20 OB/GYN Procedure Chair. This new model is suitable for gynecological and urological needs, as well as colposcope exams, diagnostics and ultrasounds.

Jim Evans, director of the medical specialties division at DRE Medical, said the introduction of the Milano OB20 is in line with the company’s ongoing commitment to serving customers’ wide-ranging needs.

“The DRE Milano OB20 is a good asset to any gynecological or urological operating suite,” Evans said. “Its movements make the Milano safe and comfortable for both patients and clinicians alike during a variety of procedures.”

This chair is fully electric, giving both practitioners and patients easy-to-use customization options. One of the most unique things about DRE’s Milano OB20 is the chair’s height adjusting options.

Using the Milano OB20’s simple controls, clinicians can lower the chair to 20 inches off the ground so patients can safely mount and dismount. Once the patient is safely settled, the DRE Milano OB20 can be raised as high as 40 inches, allowing practitioners to comfortably complete procedures.

Three independent motors control the Milano OB20’s movements, specifically the chair’s height, backrest and Trendelenburg functions. The DRE Milano OB20 also features a convenient reset switch, which returns the chair to its starting position.

The DRE Milano OB20’s constructed steel frame and anatomically-designed mattress are covered with seamless, sanitary thermoplastic that helps give the chair a sleek, European silhouette.

Clinicians can easily outfit the Milano OB20 with the following standard accessories:

  • removable stainless steel bowl
  • roll holder
  • seat guides handles
  • two thigh supports

This chair will be joining DRE Medical’s continuously expanding line-up of gynecology equipment, featuring the DRE Milano OB50 and the DRE D750 Birthing Bed. Click here for the full 2014 DRE Medical catalog.

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