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Upgrade your ASC with DRE at GSASC & SCASCA 2015

Visit DRE at GSASC & SCASCA 2015! Feb. 26-27 Atlanta, GA

DRE Medical Equipment Experts Dustin Spencer and BJ Stout will be in Atlanta Feb. 26-27 for the 2015 GSASC & SCASCA Joint Semi-Annual Conference & Trade Show. Visit them to learn more about DRE’s selection of equipment for today’s ambulatory surgery clinics.

Consult with Experts
For more than 30 years, DRE has been sourcing new and refurbished medical equipment to ASC’s. We know the market, and we can help you find the right equipment for you needs — at a competitive price.

Dustin and BJ work with clients every day to help them outfit their clinics, and they will be bringing a selection of customer favorites to GSASC & SCASCA 2015.

Find the Right Equipment for Your Facility
DRE carries a wide array of equipment to be used in the ASC, including surgical lighting, electrosurgical units, anesthesia machines, surgical tables, vital signs monitors and more. We are constantly updating our inventory with new products to better serve our customers.

See Dustin and BJ at GSASC & SCASCA 2015 to see one of our newest products, the AT4 Electronic Tourniquet System — exclusively available in the United States through DRE. The AT4 is an innovative, dual channel system with unique safety features that make it an asset to any ASC.

The unit’s Biers Block safety mechanism prevents improper cuff deflation, virtually eliminating operator errors during regional anesthesia procedures. The AT4 also performs automatic diagnostic shelf-checks at every start-up, ensuring the unit will be ready to go when you need it.

Intuitive, color coded interface controls and a bright, OLED display make the AT4 Electronic Tourniquet system easy to use, allowing you to focus on the procedure at hand.

Dustin and BJ will also be showcasing these customer favorites at GSASC & SCASCA 2015:

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta! Be sure to stop by and see Dustin and BJ at GSASC & SCASCA 2015 to learn more about ASC equipment solutions from DRE.

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