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Versatile Multi-Specialty Tables from DRE Offer Value, Safety and Increased Functionality

The DRE Milano T50 Power Procedures Table keeps up with industry demands

DRE Medical is expanding its line of multi-specialty surgery tables to provide efficient, cost-effective options to the medical community that keep up with industry trends.

In today’s medical field, multi-functionality is key.

According to HIT Consultant, a 2013 Frost and Sullivan study cited the increased focus on the value of medical care as the main catalyst for multi-purpose devices.

“Due to price sensitivity and availability of floor space, highly-specialized pieces of equipment are losing out in purchase decision making to versatile systems capable of addressing multiple needs,” HIT Consultant’s article said.

When it comes to addressing multiple needs, DRE is placing themselves at the forefront by offering two innovative, multi-purpose procedure tables: the DRE Milano T50 Power Procedures Table and the Euroclinic Mediconcept Multi-Specialty Chair.

The DRE Milano T50 is a fully electric, easily accessorized table with four actuators for maximum flexibility. It is optimized for a wide range of use, from general medical procedures to light surgery.

The Euroclinic Mediconcept table uses three actuators, and it can rotate 85 degrees to the right and the left — allowing clinicians more versatility. The anatomic design of the table increases patient comfort.

These two models are newer additions to DRE’s line of multi-specialty tables. Other models, like the DRE Versailles P100 Powered Mobile Surgery Table have already become an integral part of medical practices.

Beth Agnor, the clinical director for Delaware Surgical Arts, said the Versailles P100’s ability to laterally tilt the patient is one of the most beneficial capabilities of the table.

“Few stretcher tables are able to provide that feature and the larger OR tables do not give you the flexibility to give patients better positioning, more comfort and the ability to transport the patient to the recovery area on the same bed,” Agnor said.

The versatility of the Versailles P100 combined with the surgery table’s mobility makes this surgical table the truest example of a multi-purpose device in DRE’s new lineup.

“It’s ergonomically designed to speed things up,” said DRE Marketing Director Justin Jeffries.

In the past five years, DRE’s focus has been providing an increasingly varied selection of equipment to meet the needs of its clients, surgical tables included.

“DRE serves customers with different sized budgets, clinical requirements, and unique needs in relation to procedure tables,” Jeffries said. “We have focused on providing more choices that fit these specific needs. You will not find a better variety of medical tables anywhere.”

To learn more about DRE’s selection of adaptable medical devices, visit DREMed.com or call 1-800-462-8195. Follow on Twitter @DREMed for news on special deals and industry updates.