Midmark IQmark EZ Holter - Refurbished

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Midmark IQmark EZ Holter - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

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It's never been easier™ The IQmark EZ Holter.

The IQmark EZ Holter is engineered to set a new standard for ease of use. All you do is enter the patient demographics, select auto report and start scanning.

That's it! This three-channel, Windows based system uses the latest in software technology, combined with the accuracy and versatility of the IQmark Holter algorithm. Simple, intuitive screen layouts present important Holter analysis clearly.

Big button menus consistent with the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation makes managing your diagnostic tests simple. The IQmark EZ Holter is fully automated yet it gives the operator options to define parameter thresholds to target specific analysis criteria. Cardiac occurrences exceeding preset limits are displayed for further review. The IQmark EZ Holter makes sophisticated analysis simple and cost-effective!

Use it with our IQmark Digital Holter RecorderCF for the ultimate in digital accuracy.

  • Automatic Classification of Events — Automatic event classification by the Midmark algorithm allows you to spend time with your patient discussing the analyzed data, instead of spending hours editing reports.
  • Page-Scan Functions — Color-coded samples can be viewed in 8, 30, 60 or 120 seconds formats. Labeling and immediate printing of sample strips are also provided.
  • Simultaneous Channel Analysis — Two or three channels of ECGs are correlated during the analysis to enhance the system's accuracy.
  • QRS Amplitude/ST-Level Calibration — Automatic system calibration ensures and verifies sample points for PR baseline reference, and J-point and ST measurement points for each channel of ECG data. All channels are automatically analyzed.
  • Automatic 24-Hour Full Disclosure — Print out in one, two or three channels of 24-hour continuous, original ECGs. Patient diary events and abnormal ST-level annotations are indicated.
  • Automatic ST-Segment Analysis — ST measurements of all three channels over the entire scan are provided. View or print ST level and ST slope graphs for all channels.
  • Automatic Color-Coded Arrhythmia Editing — Each detected VE, VE-pair, V-tach, SVE, SV-pair, SV-tach, R on T, bigeminy and trigeminy can be viewed for accuracy. The system will automatically accept, reject or change classified occurrences throughout the entire program to affect all further processing.
  • Automatic Artifact Rejection — Sophisticated digital filtering techniques help eliminate errors due to noise for a more accurate report.
  • R-R Variability — Presents R-R Interval/R-R Ratio in histograms.
  • On Line Help — Find all your answers about EZ Holter instantly.

Seamless integration with the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation

The IQmark Diagnostic Workstation is the portal to all Midmark Diagnostics' medical modalities: ECG, Holter, Spirometry and Vital Signs.

You can use the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation to easily manage and edit your patient's test data stored in the database.

Simply view and edit the data to create various reports that fit your practice and can assist you with your patient's diagnosis.

Integrated IQmark Diagnostic Workstation components have the following features in common:

  • Uniform user interfaces and operations
  • Uniform management of test reports
  • Portable and compatible report formats
  • New Microsoft® component technology


Data Acquisition 24-hour full disclosure Analysis

  • Isolated premature ventricular contractions (VE)
  • Ventricular couplet (VE pair )
  • Ventricular run (VE run)
  • Ventricular bigeminy (Bigerniny)
  • Ventricular trigeminy (Trigeminy)
  • Total VE
  • Longest/fastest/slowest VE runs
  • Isolated premature atrial contractions (SVE)
  • PAC pair (SVE pair)
  • PAC run (SVE run)
  • Total SVE
  • Longest/fastest SVE runs
  • Asystole (Pause)
  • R on T
  • ST level
  • ST slope
  • Tachycardia
  • Bradycardia
  • Average/minimum/maximum heart rate
  • Heart rate variability

Minimum requirements for IQmark EZ Holter

  • Desktop or laptop Microsoft Windows-based PC
  • Pentium-based processor
  • Minimum RAM: Windows 95/98 - 16MB; Windows Me/NT - 32MB; Windows 2000/XP - 64MB
  • 500MB free hard-disk space
  • Windows supported printer
  • Microsoft-compatible mouse
  • CD-ROM drive
  • PCMCIA drive or USB port

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