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Midmark Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Light - Refurbished

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Midmark Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Light - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

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The Ritter 354 Minor Surgery Light has everything healthcare professionals need... but without the heat. It's an ideal task light for all medical environments where illumination is required for external examinations and procedures. And with its pure, crisp and defined light pattern, it can be adjusted to suit each physician's individual needs.

The Midmark Ritter 354 with a color temperature of 3,200°K to provide a whiter light and a true representation of tissue color. To keep it cool, a built-in fan on the back of the lighthead pulls airflow through the light. The Midmark Ritter 354 also includes an easy to adjust dimmer lever that controls the amount of light, and another lever, which adjusts the spot size from 3 to 10 inches.

The counterbalanced light system, it takes just one hand to maneuver the Midmark Ritter 354. That means physicians will never have to worry about drifting because they have precise positioning... every time.

And, the Midmark Ritter 354 comes with a fully autoclavable handle to help maintain infection control and give physicians, staff and patients peace of mind.

Durable, dependable, easy to clean and care for... and it looks good, too!


  • 354-028 Single mount, 9' ceiling
  • 354-034 Dual mount, 9' ceiling
  • 354-025 Single mount, 8' ceiling
  • 354-031 Dual mount, 8' ceiling
  • 354-022 Mobile light
  • 354-040 Combination 354/355, 9' ceiling
  • 354-037 Combination 354/355, 8' ceiling



  • Illumination at 24 inches focal length: 13,000 fc (139,880 lux)
  • Illumination at 36 inches focal length: 5,500 fc (59,180 lux)
  • Maximum pattern diameter at 36 inches focal length: 10 inches
  • Minimum pattern diameter at 36 inches focal length: 3 inches
  • Color temperature: 3,200°K
  • Diameter of lighthead: 5 inches
  • Bulb: One 21 VAC, 150-watt halogen lamp
  • Lighthead pivot: 180°
  • Vertical axis pivot: 570°
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1.5 AMPS, UL 544 Listed, CSA 22.2 Certified