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Newport Wave E-200 Ventilator - Refurbished

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The Newport Wave E-200 is a microprocessor ventilator for use with adults and neonatal patients. Offers assist/control, SIMV, pressure support, spontaneous(CPAP), sigh and inverse I:E ratio ventilation. Unique feature is Bias Flow, an improved form of constant flow which decreases ventilator response time. For use on adult, infants and neonates.

The Wave E-200 was designed with a focus on harmony between patient and ventilator. Its advanced features provide rapid, responsive ventilation to help speed weaning. And with one ventilator for all patient applications you can standardize your clinical training, simplify ventilator management and lower your maintenance costs.


  • Peak Expiratory & Inspiratory Flow Monitors
  • Expiratory & Inspiratory Tidal & Minute Volume Monitors
  • Predictive Learning Logic Software (Automatic Slope Adjustment)
  • Bias Flow
  • Heated, Filtered Exhalation Assembly
  • Unique PSV with Variable Breath Ending Criteria
  • Built-in Oxygen Monitor
  • Comprehensive Audible & Visual Alarms