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Oakworks Spinal Imaging Platform - Refurbished

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Oakworks Spinal Imaging Platform - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

This product is either very difficult to find or no longer available through DRE, please see the list of related items to the right or ask your equipment expert for advice on a similar available product.

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It enables faster, more efficient, more effective procedures, as well as the most accurate imaging possible. A maximally radiolucent device that easily and comfortably positions patients for procedures requiring prone placement, the Spinal Imaging Platform boast an incrementally articulating face rest and torso adjuster pads. These features improve access to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine and enable maximum patient compliance for your best procedural outcomes and most efficient operations.


Double Articulating Face Rest

Offers laptop client access: best possible ergonomic comfort for both client and practitioner.

Adjuster Pads

Used to build up torso area for increased cervical extensions.

Optional Lateral Bolsters

Add extra width and support only when needed. Choose from 13" or 26" length.

Lumbar Positioning

Patients are stabilized comfortably enabling them to maintain positioning for quicker more accurate procedures.



  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Spinal Imaging Platform: 11" × 24"
  • Torso Support: 12" × 23"
  • Crescent Face Pad: 12" circumference
  • Adjuster Pad: 7" × 12"
  • Ankle Bolster: 8" × 26"
  • Options: AirMax Bolster 8" × 23"; Lateral Stabilizer Bolsters: 4.75" × 13" or 4.75" × 26"