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Ohmeda 5000 Infant Warmer - Refurbished

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Ohmeda 5000 Infant Warmer - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

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The Ohmeda 5000 Infant Warmer System provides a controlled source of radiant heat for infants and pediatric patients. The control system uses a microprocessor and provides both manual and servo modes of operation. The 5000 model has the largest bed size of its line and is intended for surgical procedures and long term care in the Nursery and L&D Rooms. The 5000 has an elevating pedestal to raise and lower the bed-to-floor height.

The support structure provides excellent stability for the radiant heater and optional accessories. On free standing units, the support structure consists of the base assembly and the uprights with an integral rail system. The rails provide a means for mounting accessories and ancillary equipment to the unit.

The control unit contains the electronic circuits and controls used to operate the radiant heater and the observation light. The control unit performs regular self-checks during its operation including failure diagnostics. Alarms activate to alert the operator of a low or high patient temperature, a skin temperature probe failure, a power failure, equipment failure or a check patient prompt.

Two modes of operation

  • In the manual mode of operation, select the level of radiant heat output as indicated by the % power display on the control panel. The control circuit then maintains the selected level of radiant heat. The manual mode has a preheat setting which allows the Warmer to be preheated.
  • In the servo mode of operation, select the patient's control temperature. A skin temperature probe is used to monitor the patient skin temperature. The control system modulates the radiant heat to maintain the patient at the selected control temperature. The patient's skin temperature is continuously displayed.