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Ohmeda Panda Infant Warmer - Refurbished

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The Ohmeda Medical Panda Baby Warmer provides a controlled source of radiant heat for infants and pediatric patients. The design eliminates a large overhead heater making it easier to observe the patient.Every baby is weighed at birth and our integrated in-bed scale option simplifies the weighing procedure while keeping the baby warm in the process.


  • Silence alarms using the new Hands Free Alarm Silence.
  • Brilliant full color control panel displays patient parameters and trending.
  • Eliminates alarms during Warmup Mode so you can warm the bed before the baby arrives without disturbing the mother during labor.
  • The control system uses a microprocessor and provides both manual and servo modes of operation.
  • The patient temperature, control temperature, and elapsed time displays are digital for ease of viewing.
  • The control panel includes a one hour elapsed timer with time displayed in minutes and seconds.
  • The timer features optional audible tones for use during Apgar scoring.
  • A complete audio and visual alarm system is included on the control panel.