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Penlon Sigma Delta Anesthetic Vaporizer

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Penlon Sigma Delta Anesthetic Vaporizers offer internationally recognized performance and value.

Penlon Sigma Delta vaporizers are available in a variety of agent and mounting options from DRE Medical. Their signature, long-lasting design offers clinicians peace of mind at an economical price point. For more information, contact a DRE representative today.


  • Anesthetic vaporizer offers excellent performance, especially with low flows.
  • Internationally recognized, award-winning design.
  • Multiple agent filler block options: Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane and Enflurane.
  • Four back-bar mounting systems: Selectatec®, Dräger Plug-In®, North American Dräger, and Cagemount.
  • Low body weight for easy use.
  • Service-free vaporizer designed for years of regular use with without preventive maintenance services
  • Key fill or pour fill models available — ask your DRE representative for details!


Physical Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 4.8 kg approx.
  • Cagemount Dimensions: (mm) 133 wide × 158 deep × 219 high
  • Selectatec® Compatible: with Interlock Dimensions (mm) 120 wide × 190 deep × 242 high
  • Dräger Plug-In® Compatible: Dimensions (mm) 100 wide × 190 deep × 242 high


  • Capacity Volume: at MAX mark 250 mL nominal
  • Volume at MIN mark: 35 ±10 mL – Note After draining, approximately 60 ±10 mL of liquid is retained by the wick
  • Flow Range: Operating flow range 0.2 to 15 litres/min
  • Temperature Range: Operating temperature range 15° to 35°C (58° to 95°F)

*Presumes ten year product life requiring no preventive maintenance service. It is recommended that a service is carried out at ten years. Halothane Vaporizers require a five year service.

Selectatec® is a Datex Ohmeda Trademark, Plug in® is a Dräger Trademark

Product Options

Penlon Sigma Delta Anesthetic Vaporizer - Halothane
Penlon Sigma Delta Anesthetic Vaporizer - Isoflurane
Penlon Sigma Delta Anesthetic Vaporizer - Sevoflurane