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Pentax Airway Scope (AWS) Video Laryngoscope

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Video Intubation Flexible Laryngoscope

Safe, Fast and Accurate - Compact and Easy to Use

The PENTAX-AWS is fast, accurate and portable, and incorporates advanced imaging technology with optimized ergonomic design. Utilising a 2.4" high-resolution color LCD video monitor, identification of anatomical structures can be easily obtained. When combined with the unique targeting system, fast and accurate placement of the endotracheal (ET) tube is achieved during tracheal intubation.

Tracheal intubation using a laryngoscope is a commonly practiced technique today to secure the respiratory passage in instances where the trachea is blocked or constricted during cardiopulmonary arrest or in surgical operations where the patient is given general anesthesia.


Powered by two AA alkaline batteries, its energy efficient system permits continuous operation for 1 hour. It has a low-battery alert feature that displays a warning on the monitor.

Pre-Hospital Use

Water-resistant, durable construction makes the PENTAX-AWS ideal for outdoor environments in inclement weather.

Accurate and Safe Placement of Endotracheal Tube

The target symbol displayed on the monitor highlights the intended path of the endotracheal tube. Safe, fast and accurate placement is easily obtained by aligning the target symbol over the glottic opening. The PENTAX-AWS is designed for advanced as well as less experienced operators.

Video Documentation

Video output capability is compatible with external monitor and recording devices.



  • Size (without PBlade): 1.9 (W) × 11.9 (H) × 2.8 (D) inches (48 × 305 × 72 mm)
  • Direction of view: Direct-view type (0°)
  • Waterproof protection: Watertight (IPX7)
  • Field of view: 90° (LCD diagonal)
  • Power supply: Two AA alkaline (LR6) batteries
  • Imaging method: CCD color filter
  • Power consumption: 2W
  • Illumination: White LED, dual type
  • Operating Time: 60 minutes
  • White LED, dual type: 2.4" color LCD
  • Standard accessories: Carrying case, video output cord, BNC adapter, two AA alkaline batteries
  • External output: NTSC composite video signal
  • Weight 375 g (without batteries and PBlade)