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Philips Pagewriter Touch - Refurbished

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PageWriter Touch is designed for high volume hospital use – where the going is rough but quality is critical. A high-resolution 15-inch touch screen clearly displays 10 seconds of all 12 leads, color-coded for signal quality.

Preview the full report — waveform and interpretation — before printing to save time and paper. Wireless communication simplifies life, allowing you to quickly download orders and send data to your ECG management system — all in record time. Easy, Fast, 12-Lead ECGs for Hospitals Large or Small.


ECG Acquisition

  • ECG signal acquisition of up to 12 leads for both adult and pediatric patients
  • R/T (real-time) 12-lead display with ECG "snapshot" feature: - Take ECG snapshots of any data on the screen with the touch of a button - Review snapshots and print ECG reports in a variety of formats
  • AUTO 12-lead acquisition
  • RHYTHM display and printing (up to 12 leads)
  • DISCLOSE five minutes of continuous waveform data for review and printing

ECG Quality Monitor

  • Extensive ECG quality indicators include AC noise filtering, in addition to artifact filtering and baseline wander correction.
  • Color-coded real-time waveform display and loose electrode alerts provide instant quality feedback to the user.

ECG Memory and Transfer

  • The PageWriterTouch cardiograph provides storage memory for ECGs and easy transfer by floppy disk, modem or LAN connection to an ECG management system.
  • Each recorded ECG is automatically indexed on the cardiograph for quick review and retrieval. A list of all stored ECGs can be printed, facilitating administrative reporting and billing.
  • The optional modem allows for quick transmission to a fax machine or an automated ECG management system. ECGs may be transmitted for management, physician review, and copying.

ECG Interpretation

  • The PageWriterTouch cardiograph includes the Philips 12-Lead Algorithm for interpretive analysis of the amplitudes, durations, and morphologies of ECG waveforms and associated rhythm for adult and pediatric patients.
  • This clinically proven interpretation program provides configurable levels of interpretive, reason, and severity statements that are printed on the ECG report.

Print Preview Capability

  • Full-screen preview of ECG reports exactly as they appear when printed allows for quality assessment checks prior to printing.
  • Multiple report formats may be applied to any ECG, with full preview of reports before printing.

Mobile Cart Integral Part of Cardiograph

  • The mobile cart provides convenient transport for the PageWriterTouch cardiograph and accessories from bedside to bedside. Designed for maneuverability and durability, the cart is well suited to the hospital environment.
  • Ample storage space in the cart includes a tray, as well as optional locking drawers for supplies.
  • Cradle for patient module storage and protection is built into the cardiograph.


  • Rechargeable battery records approximately 50 ECGs or 40 minutes of rhythm recording from a single battery charge.


ECG Acquisition

  • R/T (real-time) ECG (12 leads)
  • AUTO (12 leads)
  • RHYTHM (up to 12 leads)
  • DISCLOSE (1 to 3 leads)


Full alphanumeric capability

Touch Screen Display

  • 1024 × 768 pixel resolution
  • 30.4 cm × 22.8 cm (15-inch diagonal) color liquid crystal touch screen display with backlight

Patient Module

Action button allows user to take ECG snapshots from the bedside

Signal Processing/Acquisition Sampling Rate

1,000 samples per second per electrode/lead. 12 bit A/D conversion provides 5µV resolution.

Auto Frequency Response

  • 0.05-150 Hz, 0.15-150 Hz, 0.5-150 Hz,
  • 0.05-100 Hz, 0.15-100 Hz, 0.5-100 Hz,
  • 0.05-40 Hz, 0.15-40, 0.5-40 Hz

Rhythm Frequency Response

  • 0.05-150 Hz, 0.15-150 Hz, 0.05-100 Hz,
  • 0.15-100 Hz, 0.05-40 Hz, 0.15-40 Hz


  • AC noise
  • Baseline wander
  • Artifact

Printer/Printer Resolution

  • High-resolution, digital-array printer using thermal-sensitive paper
  • 200 dpi (voltage axis) by 500 dpi (time axis)

Report Formats

  • 3x4 (1R, 3R)
  • 6x2
  • Panoramic 12 (Cabrera)
  • 12x1
  • Rhythm (up to 12 selected leads)
  • Extended Measurements
  • One Minute Disclose (1 lead)
  • Full Disclosure (five minutes, 1 to 3 selected leads)

Battery Operation Capacity

  • Typically 50 ECGs and copies on a single charge or 40 minutes of continuous rhythm recording Recharge
  • Seven hours in standby mode to >90% capacity (typical)

Network Connection

  • 10/100 Base-T IEEE 802.3 Ethernet via RJ45 connector (standard)
  • Optional software required for Proxim Range LAN2 7410 CE PC card wireless LAN connection (Wireless PC LAN card not included)

FAX Capability (optional)

  • Group 3, Class 1 or 2 fax Modem (optional for USA & Canada)
  • V.90, K56flex, enhanced V.34, V.32bis, V.32, V.22bis and below

Barcode Reader (optional)

Reads Code 39 (standard and full ASCII)

Barcode Reader (optional)

Reads cards adhering to ISO 7810, 7811-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, and JIS × 6301 and X6302

ECG Storage

  • XML File Format
  • 150 ECGs to internal flash memory
  • 2 to 3 ECGs typical per 1.4 MB floppy disk
  • 150 ECGs per 128 MB PCMCIA card (optional)

ECG File Formats


Power and Environment Line Power

100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 150 VA max

Environmental Operating Conditions

  • 15° to 35 °C (50° to 104°F)
  • 15% to 70% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Up to 4,550 m (15,000 ft.) altitude

Cardiograph Dimensions

Approx. 45 × 45.8 × 16 cm (17.7 × 18.0 × 6.34 in.)

Cardiograph Weight

Approx. 13 kg (28 lb.) including accessories

Patient Interface Module

Remote, microprocessor-controlled module