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Salter ETCO2 Cannula - Divided 7' With Oxygen Delivery

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Salter ETCO2 Cannula - Divided 7' With Oxygen Delivery

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Permits End Tidal CO2 Sampling With Simultaneous Oxygen Delivery. Where analysis of PET CO2 and other exhaled gases is a standard medical practice in anesthesia, monitoring of nonintubated patients is limited. Supplemental oxygen, delivered by mask or conventional cannula, tends to dilute End Tidal gases and distort waveforms. Salter has the Solution: Salter€˜s special End Tidal sampling cannula permits an undiluted End Tidal gas sample, even with simultaneous insufflation of oxygen or gaseous analgesia. The result: A waveform equal to those obtained with the intubated patient!

In clinical tests PaCO2 gradients were quantitatively similar to those found in intubated patients. Practitioner constructed cannula modifications are time consuming, cumbersome and expensive: furthermore, there is no certainty of the integrity of the procedure. The Salter Divided* Cannula is a practical effective way to improve the integrity of end tidal monitoring on the non-intubated patient. The Salter Divided* Cannula has a permanent barrier in the face piece separating the nasal prongs. Dual tubing is used which allows delivery of oxygen or gaseous analgesia from one nasal prong and simultaneous end-tidal sampling from the other nasal prong. Both nasal prongs also have exclusive, dual port, Salter Eyes® which reduce the likelihood of occlusion. This innovative safe design gives End Tidal wave form monitoring quality equal to that obtained with intubated patients. The Salter Divided* Cannula is available in sizes from infant to adult and a variety of connections to permit use with virtually any CO2 monitor in use today.



  • Design incorporates a permanent barrier in the face-piece and a dual tubing set.
  • Unique innovative configuration no modification required. Integrity of the procedure is certain
  • Curved, tapered nasal prongs; Face-piece anatomically curved to fit upper lip
  • Soft, lightweight clear material
  • Full range of sizes available
  • Dual Port Salter Eyes®
  • 22 mm I.D. X 6 mm O.D. anesthesia circuit oxygen adapter


  • Allows End Tidal sampling from one nare and oxygen or gaseous analgesia delivery to the other. Delivers accurate, quantitative reading. Eliminates dilution of gases
  • Practitioner sees same quantitative readings seen during general anesthesia. Safe, simple cost-effective monitoring of ET CO2
  • Better anatomical fit for long term use. No irritating flap or ridge
  • Does not interfere with patient observation
  • Versatile. Compatible with all systems and modalities prescribed
  • Safety apertures to reduce possible occlusions
  • Allows easy connection to anesthesia €œY” fitting, or other large bore oxygen source

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