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Selling Medical Equipment?

Connect with DRE's Matt Spencer for Expert Advice

If your organization's strategy includes stretching budget dollars and improving efficiencies, DRE Medical Equipment is for you. When it comes to guidance on selling medical equipment or planning new purchases, our expertise is backed by nearly 30 years of experience. We help you explore the best possible options to give you the right price to improve your bottom line.

Matt Spencer

Matt Spencer

Vendor Relations

Interested in trading your equipment?

Talk to the experts and trade in your equipment for equipment that is right for your facility and within your budget.

DRE is uniquely positioned to give you the most value when you sell or trade your medical equipment. Make the most of your old inventory. Take advantage of extra savings when you trade in your equipment toward purchase of new or refurbished medical equipment. Get a cash deal or replace equipment with whatever you need from our extensive selection of equipment for the operating room and medical facilities. The choice is yours.

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  • If applicable, you will receive a confirmation
  • Email us photos of your equipment
  • Get cash or trade in value

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