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Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing System - Refurbished

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Valleylab Ligasure Vessel Sealing System - Refurbished

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Condition: Refurbished

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The LigaSure™ vessel sealing system gives you something no other electrosurgical tool can - permanent vessel occlusion. The LigaSure™ system's revolutionary technology replaces almost all other hemostatic tools because it doesn't just ligate vessels, it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal.


Physical Weight & Dimensions

  • Width: 38.6 cm (15.2 in)
  • Depth: 40.6 cm (16.0 in)
  • Height: 12.7 cm (5.0 in) not including feet
  • Weight: 5.9 Kg (13 lbs) typical


  • Output configuration: Isolated output
  • Cooling: Natural convection
  • Display: Two (2) digital seven-segment displays: 1.9 cm (0.75 in) each
  • Mounting: A Valleylab cart or stable flat surface

Operating Parameters

  • Ambient temperature range: 10° to 40° C (50° to 104° F)
  • Relative humidity: 15% to 90%, noncondensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 millibars
  • Warm-up time: If transported or stored at temperatures outside the operating temperature range, allow one hour for the generator to reach room temperature before using.

Audio Volume

  • The stated audio level is for the activation tone and alarm tone at a distance of one meter. Alarm tones meet the requirements of IEC 60601-2-2

Activation Tone

  • Volume (adjustable): 45 dB minimum
  • Frequency (nominal): Seal Mode - 440 Hz, Macrobipolar Mode - 520 Hz, Bipolar Mode - 660 Hz
  • Duration: Continuous while the generator is activated; changes to one short tone when seal cycle is complete.

Alarm Tone

  • Volume (not adjustable): 65 dB minimum
  • Frequency: 985 Hz to 780 Hz; 985 Hz nominal

Output Waveform

  • Macrobipolar/Bipolar: 473 KHz sinusoid, 100% duty cycle
  • Seal: 473 kHz sinusoid, pulsed


Optional Instruments

The LigaSure Vessel Sealing System is compatible with a variety of specialty instruments, these are optional. Please inquire with your DRE representative about availability:

Optional Laparoscopic Instruments

  • LigaSure™ V — 5 mm shaft, single use instrument that dissects, grasps, seals, and divides.
  • LigaSure Atlas™ — Single use laparoscopic sealer/divider instrument that seals and divides vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter and tissue bundles.
  • LigaSure™ Lap — Single use laparoscopic instrument for laparoscopic procedures.

Optional Open Instruments

  • LigaSure Atlas™ 20 cm — Single use sealer/divider instrument that offers reliability for dissection, grasping, sealing, and cutting in open procedures.
  • LigaSure Impact™ — Works exclusively with the ForceTriad™ energy platform, utilizing the TissueFect™ sensing technology that precisely manages energy delivery for consistent, controlled tissue effects with faster fusion times than the original LigaSure™ generator
  • LigaSure Precise™ — Single use instrument specifically designed to provide permanent vessel occlusion to structures that require fine grasping.
  • LigaSure™ Std — Reposable instrument for general surgery open procedures.
  • LigaSure™ Max — Reposable gynecology instrument for open procedures. The instrument's textured surface provides improved grasping capability for thick tissues.
  • LigaSure™ Axs — Reposable instrument that has extra length and an angled jaw to allow better access in deep cavaties.
  • LigaSure™ Xtd — Reposable instrument for deep cavity procedures. The longer instrument allows the surgeon to comfortably hold the device outside the surgical site.
  • LigaSure™ Generator — The LigaSure™ generator is a computer controlled electrosurgical unit with two distinct outputs. The LigaSure™ vessel sealing receptacle diagnoses the tissue within the jaws of the instrument and delivers the optimal amount of energy necessary to fuse the vessel wall and create a permanent seal. The bipolar receptacle provides both bipolar and macrobipolar outputs.